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There are usually two instances for homeowners to call out an emergency locksmith. Once is if the lock has been broken by someone forcing entry, the other is where the homeowner can not get into their own home. P & R Locksmiths can help in both circumstances.

If someone has broken into your home by forcing the front door. Whether you have a cylinder (Yale) lock, a mortice lock or a multi-point locking system built into a UPVC door, P & R Locksmiths can either repair or replace the lock.

With some locks, P & R Locksmiths can adjust the cylinder so that you can continue to use your existing keys. Particularly useful for large households where there are a number of people who legitimately have a key to the door.

Mortice Locks and Multi Point Locking Systems

Mortice locks are usually damaged by someone either bending the bolt by trying to kick the door in, or they have something forced into the lock (super glue is a common cause of problems). P & R Locksmiths in Halesowen can always replace a mortice lock, we can even sometimes repair the lock, but this can often be more expensive and time consuming than simply replacing it.

Locks in UPVC doors are more complex than more traditional locks because of the multi-point locking system, these are much harder to break in to.  Burglars don’t usually bother trying to force a UPVC door and if they are determined to break in will find a different route.  P & R Locksmiths can replace locks in UPVC doors as well as ensuring that the rest of the locking system is in good working order.

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