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 A locksmith Brierley Hill can be with you around the clock, to provide all kinds of locksmith work, such as emergency locksmith services in Brierly Hill, which could include:

  • Lockouts
  • Lock changes and repairs 
  • Burglary repairs
  • Emergency entry

In addition to traditional locksmith duties, our locksmiths can also install and maintain digital smart locks for timber and UPVC doors, which means your door can be locked or unlock
ed through your smartphone – handy for those younger family members who are forever losing their keys! There is also the new Yale keyless lock on the market, which once installed by our professional locksmiths, means that you could lock or unlock your door through a unique code or key fob. These are increasingly common for multi-household properties and commercial premises where a large number of people need keys to access the buildings. 

We have mobile locksmiths in Brierley Hill who are on call 24/7 for all emergency repairs, with no unnecessary charge. Our mobile locksmiths carry with them a large range of popular household locks, from the leading brands such as Yale, Union, and ERA. This means that your emergency locksmith service can be conducted without delay in Brierley Hill. Our locksmith will likely be able to provide on-the-spot rim cylinders, cylinder locks, mortice locks and more, without delay. 

With our local locksmith, in the area of Brierley Hill, you can gain immediate peace of mind through innovative home security systems, alarm systems, and emergency locksmith assistance – it’s all only a call away and you can call our locksmiths any time, day or night – any day of the week. Our team of local locksmiths in Brierley Hill has decades of combined experience and expertise in home security. We pride ourselves on being able to provide round-the-clock locksmith services in Brierley Hill that are convenient, smooth, and trusted. Our lockable locksmiths cover the area of Brierley Hill from the town centre to the rural road, with a high-quality, secure locksmith service coming as standard. 



Our locksmiths know that you would not be contacting them for fun, whether it’s anti theft security, keys cutting, emergency repairs, or replacements, you would not be calling us if there wasn’t a threat to your domestic or commercial property. Whether it is that you have been locked out of your property, a key could snap in the door lock, you’ve lost your keys or there has been an attempted break-in, our locksmith will have the solution. You can contact our locksmiths at any time with emergency locksmith services being provided around the clock and all non-urgent services being offered at convenient times for you, which include; mobile key cutting, replacement of your current locks, or a home security upgrade in Brierley Hill.



 We have a local Brierley Hill lockrite locksmith available 24/7 for any type of security risk; door lock repairs or total replacements, emergency lockouts, emergency entry as well as the more ordinary and traditional locksmith home security solutions in Brierley Hill. Our mobile locksmiths in Brierley Hill always travel with a comprehensive selection of common door locks and keys from all the major UK brands, this means that your emergency situation can be remedied in the shortest possible time through our locktite locksmith services in Brierley Hill. Our local locksmiths will be with you in the quickest time possible – it could be 6 am on a Sunday morning in the middle of Dudley centre, or 11 pm on a Friday night down a narrow country road, call us and we can have a Brierley Hill locksmith with you within the hour! Our customer is always our priority, which is why we offer affordable locksmith services with no hidden charges.

Why choose us?

For decades, our locksmiths have been providing locktite locksmith services to customers in and around Brierley Hill. Our company has proven itself to be reliable, trustworthy, and honest with an ethos of providing only the best locksmith services to each customer. Whatever the issue, whatever the time, whatever the location. We have locksmiths available for call-outs around the clock in Brierley Hill, and surrounding areas who can be by your side during a security crisis, offering affordable, speedy solutions for your issue. Our locksmiths can be on your st in mere minutes, with our aim being to be able to provide emergency locksmith services in the shortest possible time. We know of the rise in anti social behaviour and certain crimes in the area of Brierley Hill, and our locksmiths work alongside home and business owners to come up with a range of security solutions to reduce the risk of property damage and/or break ins. Call us today to arrange for one of our locksmiths to visit your home or business and discuss your current security and how a locksmith could help – with no obligation to purchase any locksmith services.

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If you’re planning on changing your locks, upgrading your home or business security then why not complete our online inquiry form to see how we can help? Alternatively, you can call us on 07999 591 656 to see how our locksmiths can help.

Our locksmiths have a range of products and services for the people of Brierley Hil and surrounding areas, including:

  • New locks fitted
  • Existing lock replacement
  • Upgrading of locks 
  • Lockable safe opening
  • Door lock opening 
  • Mobile keys cutting
  • Master keys systems
  • Snapped keys removed and replaced

Please call us today on 07999 591656 to book an appointment with our local, professional locksmiths.


 Locksmith Brierley Hill prides itself on being able to offer customers an exceptionally diverse range of local locksmith services. With our 24/7 locksmith service and a multifold range of locksmith services there to improve or upgrade your home security, we can make your home as safe as it can possibly be and explain our products and service to the customer in-depth, to avoid any confusion and ensure our locksmith gives the answers you need. Every Brierley Hill locksmith can be counted on to be reliable, honest and professional – or they wouldn’t be part of the team. Our locksmiths have decades of locksmith experience combined and know the fastest, most affordable way to provide the locksmiths services you need in Brierley Hill. 

If you’re looking for security solutions for commercial purposes, we can have a locksmith come to visit your business premises and advise you on how best to protect them from today’s growing crime rate. With highly skilled and well-diverse locksmiths in Brierley Hill, you can have the safest residential or commercial property in the town centre just by giving us a call today! You may also use our website to contact us and receive a quote via email for the locksmith service you require in Brierley Hill.

 P & R Locksmiths are your local locksmith service

our locksmiths tend to live as well as work in the area of Brierley Hill which can be of great benefit if those emergency situations arise, as it means you don’t have to waste time giving in-depth directions to your road or street to our locksmiths – the locksmiths working in Brierley Hill will likely have first-hand knowledge of it.


You can contact our locksmiths around the clock, and if you find yourself locked out of your home or business premises, our locksmiths are highly knowledgable, skilled, and experienced in finding the quickest solution to get you back behind your door. We can have a locksmith visit your home, or business premises around the clock and provide the following emergency locksmith services:

  • Replacement keys and locks
  • Keys cut on the spot 
  • Changing and fitting of replacement locks 
  • Lock opening 
  • Burglary repairs 
Our experienced locksmiths know that there are usually two reasons why a homeowner is unable to access their property and finds themselves needing an emergency locksmith in Brierley Hill. One reason is that the door lock has been damaged or broken entirely, due to someone trying to force the lock.  Another reason for an emergency locksmith in Brierley Hill would be that they have misplaced or lost their keys. Your local locktite locksmith can help in either instance. 
Our locksmiths can work with all doors and any lock, whether it has been damaged and can be repaired or needs a total replacement. Locksmiths are able to work with the common Yale lock, multi-point locking system within a UPVC door or Mortice lock. Your lock, if not able to be repaired, will be replaced on the spot, by our locksmiths, in the most affordable manner, with as many new keys being cut and supplied as needed. It could be that our locksmiths are able to repair the existing lock by adjusting the cylinder accurately within a Yale lock, meaning the customer can continue using their existing keys. Our promise is that we will never conduct any unnecessary work for financial gain – if our locksmith can repair an existing lock, they absolutely will. Our locksmiths can be relied on.

Mobile Key-Cutting Service

Within the Brierley Hill area and surrounding areas, our locksmiths can come to your home or business property or pod, to provide a mobile key-cutting service. Our locksmiths are highly skilled and can cut keys for the entire range of domestic and commercial locks, whether they be within a front door, internal office doors, money safes, car keys, car park, or filing cabinets. Our locksmiths can provide as many keys as necessary on the spot. 


 We offer extensive preventative and emergency locksmith security services in Brierley Hill at the lowest possible cost for our local customers. Our lockrite locksmiths are the experts and offer the very best home security solutions in the simplest, most transparent way – no stress, no hidden charges, no worries. We believe that our locksmiths are the best and many previous clients agree, as a lot of our locksmiths are hired again and again by the same customer for any new lockrite locksmiths services.

If you give us a call seeking emergency locksmith services in Brierley Hill, we would send out our first available locksmith who can be with you in the shortest time, if you have lost your house keys, car keys, or are unable to access your property. We know the last thing you want to be doing is stood on the street, in the cold, waiting for lockrite locksmiths Brierley Hill, so we aim to have a locksmith with you, on your street, in the shortest possible time. You can view honest customer reviews on our website or complete an online inquiry form before committing to our lockrite locksmith services for non-urgent security updates or amendments. Every review featured is genuine.

For commercial security remedies, our locksmiths in Brierley Hill are able to offer services from the filing cabinet lock to the garage door, ensuring your entire business premises are anti theft. We can cut additional keys for any employees who need access to the new locks. We are that confident in the products we use and the lockrite locksmiths we hire that our Ultion Locks which come with a £1000 guarantee. With updated security, not only do you get peace of mind as an employer or owner, but you could also reduce your business insurance, saving you even more money.


Are you concerned about your current security levels? Brierley Hill has more than its fair share of anti social behaviour and if you live in Brierley Hill then this may not be news to you – it is, however, something our locksmiths can help you with. If you’re afraid of the anti social behaviour in your area, our locksmiths can come and assess your current security and provide advice on how to update it and make it more secure. Our customers can count on their local locksmiths at P & R Locksmiths in Brierley Hill to install highly secure anti snap locks for their home, or multiple anti snap locks for commercial premises at budget-friendly prices. If you request that a locksmith comes to visit your property to give an accurate quote on an anti lock system, this is considered a free quote with no hidden charges. Our locksmiths also provide free quotes for all UPVC lock services. Our Ultion locks come with a £1000 guarantee and are police-approved. Our locksmiths are highly experienced and able to advise on additional security such as alarms and CCTV to make sure your home security is as secure as it can be in today’s world.

 Call today on 07999 591656 to get a locksmith to you in Brierley Hill that you can trust. 

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